Our enchantment with the wonderful Bichon Frise breed began years ago. While watching the Westminster dog show, I saw an amazing little Bichon named "J.R." steal everyone's hearts (mine included) and go on to win Best of Show. He was so fascinating ... I was enchanted by him. It was at that moment that I knew I would share my life with these exquisite dogs. My dream began.
I started working a second job - saving up money to make my dream a reality. And believe me, it was no easy task! My second job required a 2 hour round trip drive every day, and as if that wasn't enough, it was in a vehicle with no air conditioning! But even the worst of situations can be so easy to bear when you are working for something so special, like I was. I counted every day, and every check, until I finally had the money to purchase my first pair of Bichon Frises. I was Ecstatic! "Monet" & "Minouche" were everything I had imagined. Everything I had dreamed. They were so much more than I had even dared to hope. While I have had many different dogs, and many breeds before, the Bichon Frise stands apart. None can compare to these perfect little bundles of joy. I can say with utmost certainty, come what may, there will always be a Bichon Frise in my life.

"Monet" is our pride and joy - a perfect little gentleman who brightens each day with his presence. Our wonderful "Minouche" has since retired to be a totally spoiled "couch-potato". In the past 6 years since our first Bichon joined us, there have been several new additions to our family as well. To this day I still can't quite fathom just how they do it, but each one that comes manages to cast that same spell and enchant us all over again with their charm and personality.

We are not a kennel. At Little Nell our Bichon Frise dogs are our family members. Our dogs are our children (honestly they are more spoiled than any human child should ever be). They live inside with us, and have free run of our 12,000 square foot yard through a doggy door. Our "kids" are welcome in the house anytime - I wouldn't have it any other way.

I have been involved with animals almost all my life, and can count on over 30 years of experience breeding and raising both dogs and horses too. Experience is the best teacher, and you learn early on that the only way to breed is with the absolute best examples of the breed standard that you can find. At Little Nell we don't "pump out puppies from a couple dogs we picked up to make some extra cash." We breed a few well planned litters from from very carefully selected dogs. Our goal is to raise healthy quality Bichons so we can share the joys of this wonderful breed with other great families. You will find we do things differently here.

Quite often it can be frustrating searching for just that perfect puppy to bring into your family. You can find "quality" from a show kennel breeder, but so often the lack of socialization in a kennel raised dog can never be corrected. Then on the other hand you can find "home-raised" puppies from a backyard breeder, but often the health and quality leaves much to be desired. So is there a middle ground? Can you find BOTH a Quality and a Properly Socialized Puppy? That's where we come in. Remember when I said we do things differently here?

Our extended family is now blessed to included my daughter and grandchildren in our home. The constant interaction with many new people is one of the things that sets our pups apart in socialization by the time they go home.

Our dogs are raised underfoot, in our home and yard, and each receives individual attention and care. Young puppies need to be well socialized to a variety of outside people and experiences as they grow, or they will mature timid, shy and afraid. We provide a rich assortment of experiences for each new pup in our family. As a result, our pups grow up happy and excited to experience new things - not timid and afraid of every shadow that passes by. A Little Nell Bichon Frise comes with a happy stable temperament and is ready to face the world! The end result? A well bred, healthy, happy, properly socialized puppy with a stable loving temperament. Your next family companion - from our loving arms to you. No kennel-raised pup can compare!

Please take the time to visit the rest of our site, see the pictures of our dogs, and check out our available puppies. If you have any questions about our dogs, the breed, or if you just want to chat, we welcome calls and e-mails!

Enjoy your visit at "Little Nell"!

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