Each of our dogs was carefully chosen for their personalities, bloodlines, and outstanding qualities. We are proud to present you with our Little Nell Sires and Dams.


Monet Painter of Delight
White Male, 10lbs, AKC Registered

Monet is our first Bichon and the superstar of the family. He so well exemplifies the breed standard and has an incredible disposition to boot! Monet is a perfect gentleman, very well mannered, and always nearby patiently waiting to be noticed and petted. Every night when we are all relaxing he will flip over on his back next to us and wave his paws begging to have his tummy scratched! In fact he sleeps on his back with legs splayed... No dignity whatsoever!.
We bought Monet out of Texas. He had been kenneled for six months so was not very well socialized. He took to the family life quite well though, and is now the head honcho! Always alert and watchful, nothing escapes his notice and attention. He is active in the rearing of the puppies - he even cleans them when they are little. After they have "left the box" he is always nearby, even allowing the puppies to hang from his beard and ears (much to my dismay as they pull his hair out). Oh the joys of puppyhood. At 6 years old Monet is still our "baby".


Scoutof Little Nell
White Male, AKC Registered

Scout is our new retained 8 moth old male. He is bred from JR line and we have great hopes for his future with Little Nell. He has awesome character, loves his blanket, and always enjoys meeting new visitors and and company.


Emma of Little Nell
White Female, 9.5lbs, AKC Registered

Emma thinks she is the most important dog in the world and that it truly revolves around her. She has to be right in the middle of everything: If my husband is gardening or fixing something around the house, you are sure to find Emma close by supervising!


Our new female from the JR bloodlines!
Thanks to Donna Shrout for the generous opportunity to own Reagan and Nannette out of the famous JR line - Winner of Best in Show at the Westminster dog show. Thanks so much Donna! They are true super stars and own us! The entire family revolves around them!




"Allison and Nia"

"Mally, Chloe, Nannette & Scout"


Sharon ... Getting Bichoned!

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