See what they have to say about us...

"U know what....its funny because I saved like 3 pics from your site and emailed them to my mom back in 2005. One was the pups on the branch out back and the other was the one of the dogs on your step all lined up and I put the caption "Ellen's house" (mom) and sent it to her. Ahahaha the pics are still saved on my comp! I had been doing different bichon breeder searches back in 2005 and I was impressed with your site and pics (especially since it was so well put together with no grammatical errors like a lot of other sites! And I remember emailing u asking if you had the smaller sized bichons and u said you didn't breed small ones (I think maybe u thought I meant like a toy or teacup version...ahhaha I don't know). I just didn't want a huge bichon like I've seen around. I wanted to find a breeder with high standards and quality pups so when I was ready for a pup I would......Get a great, healthy, adorable pup! And I am soooooooo glad it worked out as it did!! :) :) :) :). I never thought I'd find such a wonderful breeder and person like u who gives support and shares photos!! :) :) :) :) :) Allison

Hi Sharon! Thank you so much for our beautiful new addition to the family!
We all absolutely LOVE her! She's such a sweet puppy and is very social! She is adjusting to us and our friends very well! She's already sleeping through the night (11pm-6am). She even knows the back door is the way to go outside and "potty". She's had a couple of accidents by the back door and looks up to us as if to say "I almost made it!" So cute. I had to send you this particular picture because it's almost as if she's posing and smiling for the camera! Again, thank you for our special blessing! We'll continue to send you pictures :)

Hi Sharon ...
     My new home is wonderful! As you can see from my pictures, I am getting bigger every week.
     I have lots of toys ... my favorite friends are "Sally The Squirrel" , "Elmer, The Moo Cow" , "Betty the Bird" and "Herbert, The Hedgehog" ... I have a tree that's full of Chipmunks too!
     I have learned many new things: "sit, down, stay, off, leave it, shake, jump, wait, speak, crawl, walk on a leash" ... The hardest is "no bites!" ... I go to puppy school every week ... My teacher says I'm beautiful! ... I even got to do some agility yesterday. The hardest things for me are "no bites" and settling down after doing the "bichon buzz".
     Tell my Mom and Dad and Aunt Lizzie "Hello". Thank you for calling to see how I'm doing.
Love, Sophie

"Sharon, I really love your website, You have great pictures and information there! Just wanted to thank you for Phoebe. We just love her. She is beautiful. She has been on my lap most of the night. I am glad she likes to be held. I will keep you updated on her. She was worth the wait. Anyone who knows the breed will know that you have perfect examples of what the AKC standard calls for. I really enjoyed looking at your website and am so thankful I was able to get a puppy from you.
Thanks again,

"Sharon, We are all doing fine and we love our new addition to the family, "Raevanna". Raevanna is absolutely a doll. My daughter just loves her to extremes. Raevanna is extremely smart and loving. And she is the best thing that has happen in this house for quite some time. Thanks again!
    Lupe, Natalia and Gram Alberta.

"Hi Sharon, We just got back from the vet and he was so impressed with how perfect Bella is. He said I was very lucky to have such a great well taken care of puppy from a super breeder. THANK YOU!!!!
Good luck with your puppies! I will be in touch!"
     Megan and Bella

Hello Sharon: Just to up-date you with news from Phoenix. Our new pup is doing very well and he is indeed very smart and sweet as well. He got accustomed to our routine, is becoming a great companion and doesn't provoke the cat.

New additions to the Little Nell family!

Congratulations to Allison in Chicago on her new puppy!
Congratulations to Allison in Chicago on her new puppy!
Congratulations to Allison in Chicago on her new puppy!
"Relaxing after a little walk and meeting a neighbor! (Beakfast at parents today so they can watch the raw meaty bones spectacle! Ahhahahaa)"

Congratulations to Allison in Chicago on her new puppy!


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